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126      Reveue RH&M                                                                                       February  2022

Interview on the launch and work of the GenZ Observatory


126      EconomyChosun         (Korea)                                                           February  2022

Interview on the rise of veganism


125       BusinessInsider                                                                                September  2021

Interview generational differences in the workplace


124       BusinessInsider                                                                                September  2021

Interview on how to address social media issues in the workplace


123       BusinessInsider                                                                                September  2021

Interview on how Job Seekers Can Build a Social Media Brand to Boost Employability


122       The Choice                                                                                         September  2021

Interview on the future of remote work


121       Inews                                                                                                                 July  2021

OpEd on reporting numbers of Covid19 cases


120      Inews                                                                                                                 July  2021

Interview on the habits resilience post Covid19


119       AVIVA Investors                                                                                            July  2021

Interview on the future of D2C


118       Inews                                                                                                                July  2021

On the role of numbers in shaping citizen behaviours


117.      Inews                                                                                                                July  2021

On the new normal and return to old habits

116.     The Financial Times                                              December  2020

Podcast on working from home


115.     The Evening Standard                                    November  2020

Online / magazine interview on the long-term psychological consequences of lockdowns

114.     CGTN                                                   November  2020

5mn TV interview on Black Friday sales in France

113.     BBC World                                   November  2020

Live 4mn TV interview on cultural differences in C>ovid19 reactions

112.     THE INDEPENDENT                           October  2020

Interview on Covid19 and community support

111.     Inews                                            July 2020

Interview on getting back to work

110.     Inews                                            July 2020

Interview on the role of norms in wearing a facemask

109.     NowFashion                                          June 2020

Interview on the psychology of fashion in a crisis context

108.     The Washington Post                                  June 2020

Interview on trust in crisis communication


107.     ThePeople – Trend Agency                              June 2020

Foreword to the ‘Great Reset’ trend report on Covid19


106.     The Daily Telegraph                                  June 2020

Podcast interview on behavioural science and rules and norms management


105.     Inews                                            June 2020

Interview on the psychology of wearing a facemask


104.     The Daily Telegraph                                  May 2020

Interview on the psychology of entertainment


103.     CGTN Europe on Sky                                          May 2020

TV Interview on the concept of social bubbles


102.     The Sunday Telegraph                                   10 May 2020

Interview on the psychological effects of the lockdown


101.     The Daily Telegraph Podcast                                   8 May 2020

Interview on understanding out of lockdown behaviours


100.     Inews                                            April 2020

Interview on changing consumer habits due to the lockdown


99.     Inews                                            April 2020

Interview on psychological drivers of lockdown adherence


98.     Inews                                            April 2020

Interview on social identity and the ‘clap for our carers’ social phenomenon


97.     The Daily Telegraph Podcast                            27 April 2020

Interview on goal motivation theory applied to out of lockdown psychology

96.     LBC News                                        April 2020

Interview on the psychology of pandemic-related behaviours

95.     The Daily Telegraph Podcast                            April 2020

Interview on adherence to lockdown measures

94.     The Daily Telegraph Podcast                          March 2020

Interview on buying behaviour in relation to COVID 19

93.     Channel 4                                          March 2020

Interview psychological consequences of COVID-19

92.     WIRED                                          March 2020

Interview on panic buying in relation to COVID 19

91.     LSE MAGAZINE                                      February 2020

Interview on sustainability and fast fashion

90.     TRN                                                   February 2020

25mn TV Panel discussion and interview on the comparison culture & social media

89.     BBC World Service                                          January 2020

Radio interview on consumers’ reactions to the coronavirus outbreak 

88.     CGTN Europe on Sky                                          November 2019

5mn live interview on Black Friday, sales, and consumerism - .5 Billion viewership

87.          PulP                                                                                                                                              March 2019

People power - The packaging industry plays by the consumer’s tune


86.          SurveyMag                                                                                                                              February 2019

Interview on the role of emotions in consumer behaviour

85.     Inews                                                          January 2019

Interview on Veganism and social identity


84.     BBC Radio 4                                            April 2018

Interview on The Followership Game


83.     BBC World                                               January 2018

Live interview on ‘Nutella Riots’ in France


82.     LSE IQ Podcast                                    January 2018

Interview on what makes great leaders


81.     Canvas8                                    November 2018

On the psychology of seasonal shopping


80.     ITV News                                        October 2017

Interview on the decision making aspects of choosing high sugar meal-deals


79.     LSE Research insights video                            October 2017

5mn video summarising my research on self-construal theory


78.     You & Your Wedding                                   August 2017

Evolutionary aspects of female friendships


77.     Talk Radio UK Breakfast News                                  June 2017

On the psychological aspects of Fathers’ day


76.     BusinessWeek                                          June 2017

On corporate ethics and consumer decision making


75.     The Sunday Times                                          June 2017

On lifestyle gurus


74.     Racked                                              April 2017

Is British Fast Fashion Too Fast?


73.     LSE News Website - Media office                      October 2016

Series of short videos covering the marketing aspects of the US presidential elections


72.    Stylist                                               January 2016

On the psychology of planning holidays


72.    The Pool                                           Novembre 2015

On Black Friday Sales


71.    The Telegraph                                       Novembre 2015

On choice and anxiety


70.    TBS eFM Primetime                                   Novembre 2015

20mn Radio interview on Korean Radio discussing luxury marketing


69.    Women's Wear Daily                                   Septembre 2015

On the impact of the migrant crisis on consumers’ behaviours


68.    Basque TV                                           August 2015

TV Interview on the use of Big Data to deliver targeted advertising


67.    The Telegraph                                     August 2015

On the psychology of blogging on taboo subjects


66.    Expansión                                         August 2015

On the use of Big Data to deliver targeted advertising


65.    TheWebPsychologist                                 July 2015

30mn interview covering my research and consulting activities


65.    BBC News                                         July 2015

On ‘pay-what-you-want’ pricing strategies


64.    BBC World                                         May 2015

On adequately responding to PR crises


63.    Editions Financials                                 May 2015

On decision bisases – part of the Amex cardholder newsletter


62.    GDR Creative Intelligence                                                 April 2015

On adapting brands and retailing to different cultural contexts


61.    Bloomberg                                                             April 2015

On consumer shopping habits


60.    Telegraph                                                             January 2015

On the psychology of social desirability


59.                                 January 2015

Featured in the ‘members in the news’ section, on the psychology of leadership


58.    The Economist                                                    January 2015

On the psychology of teamwork


57.    The Debrief UK                                          Decembre 2014

On the use of social media around Christmas


56.    The Debrief UK                                          Decembre 2014

On the psychology of defriending on social media


55.    Bloomberg Business Week                                  November 2014

On the consumption of premium alcohol at home


54.    The Debrief UK                                          November 2014

On the psychology of setting up friends


53.    SKY NEWS                                       November 2014

On the psychology being ‘rent a friend’ websites


52.    CNET                                                       October 2014

On the renaming of the Chinese Huawei brand in Europe


51.    LSE Connect                                                Summer Issue 2014

One-size-fits all international marketing strategies are a recipe for failure


50.    The Debrief UK                                          September 2014

On the reasons why the ice-bucket challenge went viral


49.    Psychologies, UK                                          September 2014

Barriers and benefits of spontaneous decision-making


48.    ELLE Magazine, Denmark                                September 2014

Q/A on creativity


47.     The Washington Post                                  August 2014

Edited article on Branded Tattoos


46.     The Conversation UK                                  August 2014

Article on Branded Tattoos


45.     The Daily Mail Online                                July 2014

Fancy seeing you here! Meeting work colleagues on holidays


44.    BBC News, UK                                            July 2014

On consumers’ identities and the use of brand names and logos as tattoos


43.    The Telegraph, UK                                            July 2014

On e-stalking behaviours


42.    Index N Censorship                                        July 2014

On advertising in the media


41., UK                                            June 2014

On consumers’ relationships with digital platforms


40.    Metro, UK                                                June 2014

On the benefits of spontaneous holiday decisions


39.    The Debrief, UK                                            June 2014

The effect of Social Media on Spending Behaviours


38.    MARIE-CLAIRE Australia                                    June 2014

On the use of photo-sharing applications (Instagram, Flickr…)


37.     Yahoo Finance                                            May 2014

Burberry needs to reinvent itself again


36.     CNBC Europe                                            May 2014

4mn live interview on Luxury goods in China


35.     The Telegraph UK                                          April 2014

On the psychology of mothers – daughters relationships


34.     The Debrief, UK                                        March 2014

On the psychology of sexting


33.    MSN Money                                            March 2014

The secret to poundland’s success


32.     BBC Radio 4                                            March 2014

On the consumer psychology of poundshops


31.     The Debrief, UK                                        March 2014

On the differences between face to face and virtual communication


30.     The Conversation UK                              February 2014

Article on Chanel’s e-commerce strategy


29.     LSE News Website - Media office                      February 2014

2mn interview on cross-cultural differences in consumption


28.    CNN International                                  February 2014

On the role ‘secret formula’ of Coca Cola as a marketing strategy


27.    The Telegraph                                     January 2014

On the psychology of self and others perception


26.    The Telegraph                                November 2013

On the psychology of guilt


25.    The Telegraph    Weekend Magazine                        Novembre 2013

On the psychology of online forum participation


24.    The Telegraph                                    October 2013

On the psychology of female friendships


23.    Bloomberg BusinessWeek                                        Septembre 2013

On the consumer psychology of men’s cosmetics


22.    AutoRevue (Austria)                                   August 2013

Legendary cars and communities of consumption


21.    The Look Book Magazine (UK)                            July 2013

On the importance of first impressions


20.    The Telegraph                                   June 2013

On the use of online media in identity construction


19.    Sky News – News at 6                                               March 2013

4mn live interview on manufacturers reducing the size of products instead of increasing prices


18.    Psychologies, magazine                                               March 2013

On the Women-Child and the psychology of adultescents


17.    The Telegraph                                              February 2013

On the use of new medium of communication in relationships


16.    Bloomberg BusinessWeek                                      January 2013

On the marketing value of the brand HMV


15.    Capital Weekly (Bulgaria)                                         December 2012

On the consumer aspects of the ‘Gangnam style’ phenomenon


14.    RSI (Swiss National Television)                                         December 2012

On the psychology of pound-shops


13.                                                     December 2012

On the success of pound-shops


12.    BBC News website                                                 December 2012

Featured interview on the psychology of pound-shops


11.    BBC Radio 4                                                     December 2012

On the psychology of pound-shops (broadcasted on the 11/12/12 and 28/01/13)


10.    BBC 2 Newsnight                                        December 2012

On consumers’ power and boycotts (broadcasted on the 3/12/12)


9.    Bloomberg BusinessWeek                                    October 2012

On the success of hair-removal products in China


8.    Financial Times                                             July 2012

On consumerism movement in the UK


7.    DigestMag                                                June 2012

On the role of packaging for lower end private label products


6.     AGEFI Hebdo                                             May 2012

On the marketing consequences of sponsoring an Olympic event 


5.    Bloomberg BusinessWeek                                         March 2012

On dishwasher market penetration in the UK


4.    BBC World – Spanish edition                                    November 2011

On a Freudian perspective on Ipads & Iphones (in Spanish)


3.    Psychologies, magazine                                         October 2011

On the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), October 2011 issue


2.    Channel 4                                    March 2011

On British Identity & social identity


1.    BBC1 Breakfast News                                         Feb 2010

On the “big-lottery win” and psychological consequences of winning the lottery




Behavioural Economics LinkedIn group: co-manager of the Linkedin group on behavioural economics (22,000 members during 2013 - 2015 period), awarded ‘top influencer’ of the week on several occasions


Blog Posts, hosted by the Creativity Marketing Centre at ESCP Europe

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14/10/2012 Educating customers: a challenge to marketers’ creativity

02/10/2012 Where is creativity in consumer research? Reflecting on creativity in academic marketing research.

14/09/2012 On simplicity: Why being creative can mean doing things simply.



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