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Ben is an inspiration.  His rich understanding of multiple fields, including data sciences and physiological and behavioral science make him a valuable thought partner.  His ability to quickly understand specific challenges and provide a number of research supported solutions is not only extremely appreciated but also energizing.  - Morgan Savage, Vertex Pharmaceuticals



I am an applied psychologist, who researched and published articles in the fields of marketing, consumer research, social and organisational psychology. As a free-lance consultant, I have worked with B2B, service, and consumer goods companies.

My areas of expertise lie in the application of theories of self-perception and interpersonal relations to consumer and organisational issues. My experience of designing complex research projects, and my knowledge of advanced statistical methods mean that I can help companies answer complex questions about their market or organisational issues.

My consultancy experience is to be found in the following areas:

1.    Marketing and consumer research: I am applying recent research findings on communities of consumptions (online communities, e-WOM, Internet forums) for companies interested in developing strong ties with their customers. Rethinking the producer – customer relation allows companies to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. I also use my knowledge of advanced statistical models to improve the understanding of existing consumer data.

2.    Leadership and organisational behaviour: My research on power has shown that power has a direct effect on the way power-holders perceive others and the role played by others in mechanisms of self-perception. For human resources managers, understanding the effect of power and self-construal on employees can improve recruitment practices, and help to decide who to promote

3.    Designing research instruments: Given the importance of good research design in order to ensure the highest possible data quality, it is vital that companies ensure that their research instruments are adapted to the issues they’re investigating. I can lead and support the design of valid research instruments, including experimental protocols, questionnaires, interview and focus group topic guides, ensuring that the instruments will give uncover relevant data.

4.    Rankings: my research interests in research methods, and specifically in operationalization in social sciences lead me to investigate the relevance and validity of various rankings (e.g. league tables, quality of life index…). I am interested in working with journalists, NGOs and think tanks to improve the scientific validity of such rankings.

If you are interested in seeking advice on these topics, please contact me.



Publicis Group London

Consultancy project involving identifying psychological science theories, which can be used to help design better ads



Consultancy project involving researching the enablers and barriers to spontaneous decision-making



Consultancy project involving licensing strategies of the brand His Master’s Voice (HMV)


EDF Energy

Consultancy project involving understanding customers’ reaction to smart metering concepts


TMP Magnet

Consultancy project involving understanding customers facing ‘moments of needs’ (e.g. plumbers, locksmith…)


Velorution London

Consultancy project involving MSc students from the LSE designed to help a prominent independent London bike store to develop a new marketing strategy benefitting customers and charities


AKO Capital

Presenting results from the consumer behaviour literature on the consequences of extreme events on consumption



Research associate on the AQUAMAX research project, a EU-led research project on European citizen’s perceptions of farmed fish consumption. Responsible for the French part of the project.



Freelance consultant in marketing, Ongoing

Working with B2B and consumer goods companies, strategic marketing plan, market research

Previous work includes advertising agencies (Grey WPP), hedge funds (AKO Capital)


BNP Paribas, France

Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing Department


Locate in Kent, UK

Assistant Marketing manager, Marketing Department


Reckitt-Benckiser France

Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing Department

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